JEFF BELL  VOCALIST/SONGWRITER              Austin, TX                                                                                                                                                          
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Direct Contact:       323-775-7107

In Memorium
To Steve Mitchell, a friend

A Fire Built

We're grown, you were, not when we met.
We lost you, all, will hurt the years recalled, some but yet.
What is this? That is now less, including us. 
"If only he could have pulled out of his pit", we breathe still,  
We know. There should be so much more, more. Than this.

It's no cliche to say, no words will explain away
What luck did not intervene that day.

He isn't here to see, we'll over think and feel,
But without that, we're him.
And that's not yet. Please wait, Steven, 
Got more to do. Much more please
Wish upon us, this day and next.
We'll share with you, eventually to same it all,
But not so soon, get comfortable and wait.

He told us, he'd said, not meaning this:
"It's your turn now. To a fire, build on this."

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