JEFF BELL  VOCALIST/SONGWRITER, Writer, ActoR    Austin, TX / Los Angeles                                                                                                                                                           
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Dramatic Actor 
                         "Message to Blind Flower(2007)

                            Man forced into a hard choice                 Dirtbag lawyer           
                          Not So Bright Buddy/Meth Fiend   
      The Apartment - Comedy
                                   Husband & Wife Fight
                     Actor pic tour


                                                                    IMDB Listing


          2013: Role in 1 film, 1 TV Role, 5 Film auditions
                            TV auditions: "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
                            Part in skit about James Woods on "Conan" 
 7 film auditions, 1 National Commercial (Florida Natural OJ)
                            Role in 1 Play
2011: Role in 1 film

           2010: Roles in 3 films
                            TV auditions:  "True Blood", to producers (Alan Ball)

           2009:  Roles in 7 films.  Stand-Up (at The Improv).

Rock Musical - JC Superstar:

Comic Actor 

Original Comedy - Two Twisted Park Rangers:

Original Comedy - Pritchard's Grandmother Died:

Original Comedy - Pritchard Hires a Secretary:

Stage Actor

Macbeth - Act 2, Scene 1


Night of the Iguana                 Reverend T.L. Shannon   Berkeley Actor's Ensemble
Of Mice and Men                      George                             Belrose Theater           
Love's Labour's Lost               Berowne (u/s), Dull        San Francisco Shakespeare 
Pericles                                    Boult                                Shakespeare at Stinson    
Much Ado About Nothing        Don John                         Curtain Theater
Ms.Sallys Burlesque Revue     Itchy Wallace                 Belrose Theatre
Beauty Queen of Leenane       Pato Dooley                    Palo Alto Players         
Marat Sade                               Duperret                        Underground Theater
She Stoops to Conquer            Diggory                          Curtain Theater          
The Cherry Orchard                 Firs                                 Bennett TheatreLab  
Jesus Christ Superstar             Jesus                             The Company


Cliff Osmond, Bennett Theatre Lab, Scott Sedita Studios (Sitcom), Full Circle Productions, Second City Training Center, ACT S.T.C., Antaeus, Loft Studio. 



Vocalist/Keyboards/Guitar/Bass.  Dialects: British, American South, German.  

* Valid passport *


*   Born and raised in Los Angeles
*   Graduate of Harvard School, North Hollywood and Stanford University

*   Father (George Bell II) was an actor in the 60s under SAG name "Jeff Bell"

*   Brother (Derek Bell) is on-air reporter & pilot for Channel 5 News in L.A.

*   Studied acting at the Loft Studios 1984-5, went union in 1985 

*   First paid theater role was $50 for a three week run as Diggory in 

       "She Stoops to Conquer", Mill Valley Theater Company

*   First television part was on "Days of Our Lives" 

*   13+ yrs of actor training


        Monk                                         Co-Star                         USA Network

        Days of Our Lives                    Recurring                   NBC-TV


       BlackBxx: Haunted                                   Lead            Daniel Knauf

       Wrong Turn (2005)                       Lead           Alex Alamul
       Message to Blind Flower [short]  Lead           Veerapol Saivichit

       Metal Tears  [short]                       Lead           John Bradbury

       The Sound Machine [short]          Lead            Vera D.Z. Freitag

       Heloise [short]                       Supporting            Fred Raimondi
Voyeur                                     Supporting            John Vasicek 

       Sweet Insanity                       Supporting            Dan Hess

       The Hunchback                         Featured            Steve Roeder

       Changing Spots                         Featured            Susan Turley

       It's All in a Night's Work          Featured             Dan Frank


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